Commercial Docks

Commercial Docks built on Lake of the Ozarks. Look for us at places you go! Crabco LLC, dba Rough Water Dock has many years of experience on the commercial side as well as residential.

 Lake Valley

Captain Ron’s

Captain Ron's

Millstone Harbor



Millstone Docks in-Progress

Millstone Dock nearing completion.

Millstone Dock nearing completion.


Millstone Dock completed



Coconuts Aerial View

Tap ‘N’ Grill


Tap N Grill Aerial Dock View

Tap N Grill Aerial Dock View


Tucker’s Shuckers
-A little bit of fun with the metal fab. All the metal in the building was custom by Rough Water Dock.


This was a neat project! The guys are placing a full size wooden boat in the restaurant.


Tucker's Shuckers

The completed boat project hangs on the wall. Credits-Lake Shots Photography.

Tucker's Bar

The completed bar upstairs at the facility.


Tuckers Shuckers

All of the metal beams in the restaurant were built by Rough Water Dock


Rough Water Dock built all of the metal handrails at Tucker's Shuckers

Rough Water Dock built all of the metal handrails at Tucker’s Shuckers

















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