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Rough Water Dock is a full-service dock company, which offers dock moving and installation.
We also offer lift moves and installation and Ameren UE permitting services!


Single Well Dock- 55.3 MM- $6,000

Single well dock!
Slip measures: 11′ x 28′
Does come with boat lift
Swim platform- right from shore, hinged, measures: 16’4″ x 24′ L
Shed off the walkway: 8′ x 4′
Purlin style Roof with 8″ purlins
2″ uprights
Roof entry: 9’4″ from water to bottom of purlin
40′ Ramp- single tier construction

*Personal items such as kayaks not included*

Double Well Dock -8.8 MM Big Niangua- $14,000! PRICE REDUCED!!  WAS:18,000-PRICE REDUCED!!

Double well dock- wood decking
Slips Measure: 10′ x 28′ -filled in to 24′ (perfect for a fishing boat)
and 12′ x 28′
Swim measures: 8′ x 32′
Roof height is 10′ from water to bottom of purlin at the entrance
Waverunner lifts are included!
Shed: 12’4″ x 4’6″ and 7’6″ tall
Dock Specs: painted frame, purlin style roof, 16″ floats, 10″ frame.


***Ramp, Stiffarm, Wet Step, Boat lifts and dock box NOT included**


Single Well dock – 8.1 MM  Big Niangua- $4,000

Wood decking/carpeted, painted frame, purlin style roof
Currently a side entry- can be converted to conventional entry

Slip measures: 10′ x 24′ with approx 4′ roof extension

50′ Ramp with 2 pieces and floater

Drive on PWC and WET STEP ladder not included

DOES come with Econo lift pictured in slip!




SALE PENDING DOCKS- These docks have been spoken for- but listings are not pulled until Sale is complete

Single Well Dock With Swim and lift!  -27.5 MM- $9,900

Single well dock with swim on right from shore
Painted steel frame, wood decking, painted purlin style roof
Slip measures: 10′ x 28′
Swim measures approx 4′ x 32′
overall: 24′ x 32′
40′ Ramp

8,000 lb Hydro Hoist lift, with PWC platform included

Electricity was updated in 2017.

*Wet Step ladder, raft and other personal items NOT included*



Double Well Dock with Swim Platform- 40.9 MM- $12,000-READY TO GO!!!

2 slips and swim platform
Slips Measure: 10’ x 24’
10’ x 14’(filled in from 24’) (partial filled for sea doos and table area )
40’ ramp – new boards
8’ x 28’ swim deck
Painted Angle and Round Rod Frame, Painted Uprights, Galvanized Welded Purlins.

This dock floats nice and high.

Decking recently re-stained and well taken care of!

Dock includes:
Updated electrical  4 outlets 3 lights center (no blue light) (We make no claims that it is up to code, just that it has been updated)
Red 6-step wet steps
High quality rubber/plastic bench with storage
Rubbermaid tall locker
Bumpers, rails

*Boat lifts, High Dive and other personal items are not included and NOT FOR SALE* PWC Drive-ons may be negotiable, but are NOT included in dock price.

Let’s get this thing moved!!







Listed above are the only available listings we have at the moment. See below for references of docks we have had for sale in the past. These docks are gone, no longer available and are just here for reference.

SOLD! Below are some examples of some used docks we had available in the past!!
These docks below are no longer available for sale, nor for inquiry. Just for ideas and price ranges.



Single well dock with Swim Platform- 8.9 MM Big Niangua-$6,500- PRICE REDUCED!! (was $8,000)-SOLD!!!!

Single well wood decking dock
Slip measures: 10′ x 28′
Swim measures: 6′ x 28′ on left from shore
Painted frame and uprights, Purlin style roof.
BOAT LIFT INCLUDED with FIRSTMATE Control! Currently set up for Tritoon.
2 Piece ramps, approx 40′ each
Ladder and cleaning Table included
Dock Shed: about 4’x8′
Birdhouse included

Good roof height!

***water pump not included**



Double Well dock with swim platform-31 MM- Linn Creek Cove-**FREE!!! **SOLD SOLD SOLD**

Double Well Dock, overall dimensions: 42′ x 28′
Slips measure: 10′ x 24′ left
12′ x 24′ on right
8′ x 20′ swim platform on right from shore

Dock includes: fishing bench, dock lockers and swim ladder. Recently added remote controlled lighting system, and blue light on dusk to dawn timer. *WE MAKE NO CLAIMS THAT ELECTRICITY IS UP TO CODE, just that it has been recently updated*


**Ramp, lifts, kayak and other personal belongings not included***


**SOLD!!!** Single well Dock by ROUGH WATER DOCK –$22,000 -Lift negotiable-49 MM-SOLD!!!!



Ready for an upgrade, owner is opting to sell their Rough Water Dock to make room for a new one! Galvanized I-Beam Frame, Concrete decking, Galvanized ramp and uprights.

Single well Concrete Dock with covered PWC slip and swim platform
Slip measures: 11′ x 30′ slip w/ V in front
6′ crosstie (walkway across front)
12′ swim and 12′ x 12′ covered PWC slip

*RAMP NOT INCLUDED-Boat lifts, Wet Step, Dock storage and other personal items are not included and NOT FOR SALE* PWC Double lift IS for sale for $3000, but is NOT included in dock price.**




SOLD SOLD!! Double well dock- $3,000-7.7 MM

2 slips, measure: 10′ x 24′
Overall dock: 32′ wide x 28′ long
Ramp: 28′ Single tier
Painted steel, wood decking, bolted purlin style roof


Lift is available, but not included in the dock price: 6500 Econo lift, $2,500


*Other personal Items not included- please inquire***





This kind of opportunity doesn’t come along very often. One of our BRAND NEW DOCKS, ready for you to take home! Approx delivery time would be about 2 weeks to allow permitting and logistics.

Specs: 46′ wide x 36′ long
Slips Measure: 12′ x 32′ and 10′ x 32
Swim platform: 12′ wide, full length, left from shore
Storage Shed/bar: 6′ x 12′ off back of the dock
*BLACK WINDOW DOES NOT COME WITH SHED- it will include a white roll-up window***
Ramp and stiffarm are included: 36′ each
This dock includes 6′ swim up stairs!

Move costs are not included in price, please call for quote and more details: 573-374-0470


SOLD!!!:::: CONCRETE Two Well Dock and Swim Platform-6 MM -$45,000- SOLD!! SALE COMPLETE

Galvanized Frame, Concrete Decking
Slips Measure: 12′ x 40′ and 12′ x 40′ decked off to 28′
Swim platform on Right from shore, 8′ wide- and addition on the back end
5′ 1/2 x 12′ shed (9’9″ tall)

46′ Ramp


*Ladders, boat lifts, covers and other personal items are not included*


SOLD SOLD–Single well wood dock- 6.1 MM Gravois- $1,500-PRICE REDUCED AGAIN!!! MOTIVATED SELLER!


Single well wood decking dock
Slip measures: 10′ x 36′
20″ floats- floats nice and high
Has roof extension on end
Roof entry: 8′ from water to bottom of purlin on roof extension
Truss Style roof, with support
This would be a great dock to add to an existing dock!!

*Ramp, Stiffarm, boat lifts and other personal items are not included*



Single Well Wood Dock- 78 MM-Contact for price-***SOLD SOLD***

Single well wood dock
10′ x 24′ Slip
Overall dimensions: 18′ x 28’Painted Frame
Wood decking
Ramp included: Length TBD
Poles on the inside of the frame
Purlin Style roof
Small Shed (approx 4′ x 6′)




Single Well Wood Dock- 8.5 MM-$3800 -***SOLD SOLD***

Single well wood decking dock
Slip measures: 10′ x 26′
Swim on right from shore approx 6′ wide x 30′
9′ Roof entry
Purlin Style Roof
Overall dimensions approx 26′ wide x 30′ long

Updated electricity
30′ Ramp comes with the dock



THREE Well Wood Dock -36.5 MM- $14,000 **SOLD***

3 Well Wood decking Dock
Painted Frame
Painted Wood Decking
Originally built in 1992, and modified after

10′ x 28′ Slip on right, filled in from 34′
10′ x 24′ slip, middle, filled in from 34′
10′ x 31’6″ slip, filled in from 34′ (slip has partial roof cover/24′)

Dock has cruiser cushion bumpers along edge and swim platform has posts for tie-up

16′ x 38′ swim dock on left from shore
7′ x 11′ Shed w/ Roll up door, 8′ 3″ tall
40′ Ramp

Roof Height: From water to purlin: 9’5″

Overall dimensions: 38′ x 63′
Total Square Footage: 2631

***Personal Items not included-such as lifts, water pump and speakers -not for sale***



SOLD ON DOCK REALTY- Double Well Dock- 15 MM BN-$5,000- SOLD ON DOCK REALTY!!!


Double well wood decking dock
Slips Measure: 10′ x 24′
Older galvanized frame
10′ 6″ roof entry
Purlin Style Roof
Ramp pictured is not included- includes 40′ wood decking ramp

Boat lifts included- one Boat Floater and a Hydro Hoist

*Ladders, storage boxes and other personal items are not included*


SOLD—Single Well Dock-34.5 MM -$13,000 -SOLD SOLD!!!

Single well, wood decking dock
Slip measures 10′ x 32′
Roof Height: 12′ from water approximately.
8′ swim on left from shore.
Purlin Style Roof
Painted Frame
Brand New Decking
Reliaboard Trim
Lifts included:
Galva Lift Set up for Pontoon
2: Single PWC lifts

Ramp now included with price- 30′ staged

~SOLD ON DR~- Single well concrete dock- 15.1 MM BN- $6,000 –DR LISTING

Single well, concrete decking dock
Slip measures: 10′ x 24′
Overall dimensions: 18′ x 28′
Painted Frame, purlin style roof.
Ramp: 32′
Underwater bracing



Single Well Concrete Dock -11 MM- $35,000-Dock Realty #14340 – SOLD ON DR!!

Single Well Concrete Dock w/ Covered PWC Slip
Slip Measures: 11′ x 34′
PWC slip: 12′ x 12′ w/ pwc lift included!
Swim on right from shore, measures, 12′ x 40′
Shed: 8′ x 8′ -off the dock


Galvanized Frame, Purlin Style roof, Eve trim on roof, storage shed.

*Boat lift not for sale, and not inlcuded. ALSO NOT INCLUDED: Water Pump, Dock lifeguard, coffin boxes, ramp and other personal items may be not be included, per owner’s discretion.




Double Well Wood Dock- 36 MM -$1,850- DOCK REALTY #14394-SOLD ON DR!


Slips measure: 10′ x 20′
and 10′ x 20′, filled in to 14′
Swim dock on both sides.
Swim on each side measures: 4′ x 24′, uncovered
Storage Shed: 2′ x 6′

*Ladders, storage boxes and other personal items are not included*


SOLD!! -Concrete- Rough Water Dock- 7 MM – $20,000-SOLD SOLD

Made by Rough Water Dock!
10′ x 28′ Slip -12′ entry
12′ x 12′ PWC Slip
Overall Dimensions: 30′ W x 32′ L
40′ Ramp
Aluminum Ladder- Electricity
20″ Encapsulated Foam



Concrete Single Well dock With Lift included! Complete Package! 3 MM –$22,0000- SOLD!!!

Single Well Concrete Decking with storage Shed
Galvanized frame
Purlin Style Roof
Ramp and Lift included
Slip Measures: 12′ x 30′
Swim deck on left from shore: 8′ x 34′
Shed approx 4′ x 8′
Overall dimensions: 30′ wide x 34′ long
Galva-Lift included- set up for a tritoon!

Ramp length (approximate) 40′

This is a complete set up!

***Personal Items not included-such as table, chairs & coffin box – but may be negotiable***

ROUGH WATER DOCK-Big Single well with PWC and LIFTS! -$55,000- SOLD!!!!

TURN-KEY Dock!! Built By Rough Water Dock in 2012.

Ladders and lifts ARE INCLUDED!

Approx outer dimensions: 40′ W x 42′ long
Slip measures 12′ x 30′ (Fill-in can be removed to make 12’x38′) with a 6-arm Drew Lift set up for a Tritoon
PWC slip measures: 12′ x 12′ with Double PWC Platform Lift by Drew Lift
6′ x 12′ shed with roll-up bar window and granite countertop.
Covered entertaining area in front of bar, and uncovered swim for lots of sun and fun lounging. Swim deck has poles to tie boats while visiting.

Features include: I Beam, galvanized Frame, uprights and purlins.
Angle Iron Roof Support, as well as additional roof cross-bracing, cool-crete concrete decking, matching ramp.


FOUR Well Dock with Swim Platform-1.1 MM Little Niangua Arm-  $15,000-SOLD!!

Four well wood decking dock
Big slip on left Measures: 12′ x 32′
Slips on right all measure: 10′ x 24′ (approx)
Swim platform on right from shore is 6′ wide
Overall dock dimension: 48′ W x 28′ L   +   20′ W x 36′ long
One 6000 lb lift IS INCLUDED!

There is a small bumpout in front of the larger slip (possibly to hold a coffin/dock box or for future shed construction. This is a full dock frame (not just brackets for a dock locker).

Dock features:
Updated Electricity
Painted steel frame
Stained wood decking
Welded purlins
Angle Iron roof support
36′ Ramp

*** Personal Items including ladder, lifts and furniture not included- may be negotiable***


Two Well Dock with shed and storage Platform- 11.3 Big Niangua-PRICE REDUCED! $7000- SOLD SOLD


Slips Measure:
Left: 10′ x 24′
Right: 10′ x 24′
Swim: 8′ on left from water
Overall dock: 40′ W x 30′(approx) long
Roof Height: 11′ 6″ from water
Shed- approx 4′ x 12′
2 Pc ramp: Measure 50′ and 51′ each for total of 101′
Dock has mud poles
Wiring has been updated
Purlin style roof- purlins are welded.

*** Personal Items including ladder, lifts and furniture not included- may be negotiable***

Single Well Dock- Tall Roof- 34.5 MM -$5000-SOLD

Single well Dock with Swim Platform and wood decking
Painted Steel Frame
Wood Decking
Purlin Style Roof

Overall Dock Measures: 24′ wide x 28′ Long
Slip Measures: 12′ x 24′
Swim on left from shore, measures: 4′ wide
Tall Roof
Wiring updated
Built-in Picnic Table
2 piece Ramp- measures 66′ total (30′ + 36′)


*** Personal Items including ladder, lifts and furniture not included- may be negotiable*** LIFT NOT FOR SALE

Two Well Dock – 34.5 MM-$500- SOLD

Two well dock with wood decking-small swim platform
Slips Measure:
10′ x 20′ Slips
Overall dock: 32′ W x 24′ long
Swim Platform-hinged: 8′ w x 9′ long
Dock locker
Bracket for fish cleaning table/sink
Truss Style Roof
RAMP NOT INCLUDED (But Contact our office, we may have something available for purchase separately)

Two Well Concrete Dock – 25.9 MM-SOLD

Two well dock with concrete decking
Slips Measure:
12′ x 27′- 26′ slip w/ 2′ covered overhang
Overall dock: 33′ W x 30′(approx) long
Roof Height: 12′ from water
Purlin style roof- purlins are bolted.
This would be a great dock to tear down to take to another lake.
Electricity looks to have been updated.
RAMP AND STIFFARM ARE NOT INCLUDED (But Contact our office, we may have something available for purchase separately)

(Dock Dealers Listing)


TWO WELL DOCK with Swim Platform – SOLD!

Two well dock with wood decking
Decking in excellent condition!
Overall dock: 42′ W x 28′ long

Swim on right from shore: 6′ x 28′
Slips Measure: 12′ x 24′ – right decked off to 20′
Approx 6000 lb lift, and PWC lift in slips
Purlin style roof
Electricity has been updated!
RAMP IS NOT INCLUDED (But Contact our office, we may have something available for purchase separately)


Two Well Dock w/ Swim Platform- 6.5 MM Gravois Arm- $4,000-SOLD!!

Painted steel frame, wood decking
Truss Style roof
Two well dock with Ramp and swim platform
Slips Measure: 10′ x 28′
Swim measures: 10′ x 32′, on right from shore
Ramp NOT included- Contact Rough Water Dock- we can help with a ramp!

****Lifts, pump and personal belongings not included***


Two Well Dock with Tall roof and Swim Platform! -10.1 MM- $15,000-SOLD SOLD!!

** SOLD _ SOLD****

Two well Dock, Painted Frame, wood decking, two level roof, TALL roof
Slip on left: 12′ x 39 1/2′ (with V in front)
Right: 12′ x 32 1/2′
12′ wide swim on right from shore
Overall Dock: 42′ long x 44′ wide
RAMP AND STIFFARM NOT INCLUDED AND NOT FOR SALE- Rough Water Dock can help with ramps- we have many available.
Ladders, pumps, dock boxes and accessories not included.

** SOLD _ SOLD****



Dock Dealers Listing

Overall Dimensions: 82′ wide x 50′ Long
Slips Measure: From Left to right: 14′ x 42′ Filled in from 44′)
-10×24 (Filled in from 44′)
-10×24 (Filled in from 44′)
Swim Measures 30′ x 50′
-8×10 Shed
Two Dock Storage boxes
40′ Ramp (There are two pieces on the property for 58′ total, the 18′ addition is negotiable, owner may keep)
6′ Crosstie and outer finger for stability
Purlin roof
Concrete decking, 10″ Angle Iron Frame, Galvanized

*** Personal Items including ladder, lifts and furniture not included- may be negotiable***



Three Well Dock- 47.4 MM – $17,500-SOLD SOLD SOLD_ON DOCK REALTY

Johnson Bros Dock- 2010
Painted Truss style frame and uprights.
Purlin style roof, wood decking.

Overall Dimensions: 55′ x 32′
Slips measure:
-10′ x 20′
-10′ x 28′
-10′ x 20′ (filled in)
Swim on right measures approximately: 9′ x 32′
48′ Ramp – 2 Pieces: 32′ Flared on one end + 16′


****Lifts, ladders, pump and personal belongings not included unless negotiated***





Two Well Dock- 37.4 MM -SOLD!!

Nice size two well dock- with wide walkways and tall roof.
Wood Decking- painted & Galvanized frame- welded purlins
Electric was just upgraded.

Slips Measure: 12′ x 38′ (w/ tall roof)
Second Slip is: 26′ long- not sure if 10 or 12′ wide.
Swim on right from shore- approx 4′ wide
Ramps, lifts and ladders are NOT included!!

****Lifts, ladders, pump and personal belongings not included, but possibly could be negotiable***





SOLD SOLD SOLD!  Double Well Wood Dock with swim platform (4 MM Main) -$8,000

6′ Swim platform on right from shore
Slips Measure: 10′ x 28′
and 12’x 28′
Ramp, flared at end: 30′ x 4′
Pump not included-not for sale
Lift currently in dock, is also NOT for sale
Wood purlins, painted decking



Triple well CONCRETE DOCK!!! (2.1 MM Big Niangua)-SOLD!!!!!

Dock Realty Listing

Three wells plus PWC slips!
Three Level roof and open swim platform
2008 Model- Ozark Village made dock

Slips measure: 18′ x 48′ (16′ entry approx)
and PWC 12’x12′
Swim Platform-on left from shore: 12’x26′

Overall Dimensions: 64′ wide x 52′ long

ONE LIFT INCLUDED- in middle slip: 6800 lb Fibersteel lift
Specs: Galvanized frame, concrete decking, underwater bracing, ramp included, purlin style roof, high roof



THREE WELL Concrete Dock! -(53 MM)-SOLD!!

Large three well dock with swim platform and PWC slips**SOLD***

Overall Dimensions: 36’ long x 71′ wide
Slips measure from left to right
PWC: 12′ wide x 18′? long
Slip 1 (Shed in front): 11’ x 30’ with a v in front
Slip 2 (Ramp in front) 12′ x 28’
Slip 3 (Next to swim platform) 10′ x 24’
6’ Crosstie- finger parallel to shore that runs all the way across
Swim platform measures: 10′ x 34’
Shed:4’ x 8’
Ramp: 40’ Flared at end

Included: 2 Floating ladders and lift in 10′ x 24′ slip

Specs: Painted steel ramp-purlin style roof-bolted purlins

Stiffarms and Speakers NOT included and NOT for sale


Double Well Wood Dock WITH LIFTS- Maintained Excellently!-36 MM-$16,000- SOLD!!!

Double Well Dock-**SOLD***

Slips Measure approx: 10′ x 28′ on right
12′ x 34′ On left (from shore)
& PWC: 6′ x 12′

Swim on right: 10′ x 30′ (w/ PWC slip)
Swim on left: 6′ x 36′ approximately
38′ Ramp
Painted Steel- Purlin Style Roof- Electricity
(We make no claims or guarantees that electricity is up to code- just that it has wiring)

Selling with dock: 4000 lb V bottom Lift- tub style
& 10, 000 lb Econo lift- Catamaran Style

Lifts may be available separately- Please call for costs!


Double Well wood dock- Underwater Bracing! (7.5 MM main)-SOLD!

Double Well Dock- Wood Decking**SOLD***
10′ roof Entry-Purlin-style roof-Welded Purlins-2″ uprights- painted frame
Slips Measure: 12′ x 32′ on left (From shore)
10′ x 26′ on right (from shore)
48′ Ramp
Overall Dimensions: 36′ long x 34′ wide




Three Well Dock with Large swim platform and covered area – $45,000 (41 MM- Alcorn Hollow Cove) PRICE REDUCED TO $32,000- SOLD!

Triple well dock with LARGE swim platform and covered lounge area**SOLD***

Slips measure:
-12 x 40
-10 x 24
-10 x 12 (may be a 24′ with a fill-in)
Swim dock measures approx 36′ wide x 46′ long, about 1/2 Covered
Newer composite decking on the dock will last a lifetime!
Overall dock measures (approx) 80′ wide by 46′ long

*There are currently two shed/storage buildings on the dock. These are not permissible, and will have to be modified to permit. One measures 4×8, other is approximately 12×12 (this one is over the square footage limit)

Ramp and personal items not included, nor for sale- we may be able to help you find a ramp as well.


SOLD-Nice Two Well Concrete Dock- $37,000 (23 1/2 MM)- SOLD!!!


SOLD! Nice Two Well Concrete Dock
Overall Dock Measures: 52′ wide x 51′ long
Slips Measure: 17′ x 47′ (with 2′ fill-in)
and 15′ x 47′ (with 8′ fill-in)
8′ Swim platform on left

Roof Entry Height: 14′
Ramp Measures: 40 1’2′ + 11′ from pier to shore
Frame: Galvanized/Concrete
Shed: 6’x12′ (with 2′ on dock)
Wet Steps and Dock Storage boxes included

*Stiffarm, lifts and personal belongings NOT included*- ***SOLD!!***


SOLD-Two Well Dock with Swim Platform – $4,500 (51.2 MM)-SOLD! 

Two Well Wood dock with Swim Platform on Left (from Shore)
Slips measure: 10′ x 24′
Swim platform measures: 4′ x 28′
Built-in Storage box
Ramp measures: 4′ x 40′ long
Encapsulated foam
Painted truss style frame
Truss style roof: eaves are 9′ tall

*Ladder, lifts and personal belongings NOT included* SOLD

Two well dock with Concrete, Covered PWC slip and Swim – $29,000 (51.5 MM)- SOLD!! 

**SOLD*** Two well dock + PWC slip and Swim Platform **SOLD***
This dock has a nice large covered area for relaxing
Wider walkways in between slips for comfort
Slips Measure: 12′ x 30′
-10′ x 28′
-8′ x 18′
Covered Platform on left side from shore
Overall dimensions: 34′ long x 52′ wide
40′ Ramp
Included: 6000 lb Galva-lift (Poly tanks) by Sumerset boat lifts

Frame: Painted Steel
Decking: Concrete
Roof: Perlin-style. Bolted. Entry: 113″ from water
Foam: Encapsulated
Ramp and Stiffarm included
Wet Steps NOT inlcuded

*Other lifts, ladders and personal items not included* **SOLD!!*****




SOLD!-Two Well Dock with Swim – $10,000 (Sunrise Acres-9.8 MM) ** SOLD!!!  ****



Two Well Dock with High Dive
Uncovered Swim platform on Right measures 8 x 22
8′ walkway between slips, Both Slips have Vees in front.
Slip on left (from Shore) is 12×28 with a 4′ extension to total: 12 x 32
Slip on right (from Shore) is 10 x 28
Wooden Decking, Perlin Style roof, painted angle iron truss structure
40′ Ramp

Approx 6-7 years old

Water pump, Wet Steps and Pump Stand Not included




SOLD-Single Well Dock with Swim Platform- (12 MM)- DOCK REALTY #13762-SOLD

For this Dock listing, Please see: Dock Realty Listing

Slip Measures: 16×38′ with an 8′ fill-in (Currently 16×30)
Swim platform on left from shore: 12′ wide x 28′ long
Finger/Crosstie: 4′ wide each
Ramp: 23′

Total dock: 24′ x 42′ plus 12′ x 28′ Swim

**Dock lifeguard, Wet Steps Ladder, Stiffarm and dock storage box are not included and NOT FOR SALE***




SOLD!- 2 Well Dock with Swim Platform (19 MM)- REDUCED PRICE -SOLD!!!!

Double Well Dock with Slide
-1’x4′ Concrete block decking
-Overall Measures: 44′ wide x 34′ long
-Slips are 12×30, 8′ Swim Deck on left
-Slip on right (From shore) has 4′ roof overhang
-4 Single PWC lifts are included
-Slide is included
-Storage locker included
-8K # HydroHoist lift (on left) included
-Lift on right may be included. (15K # Galva Lift)
-Roof Entry on left slip: 9′. On right slip: 13′
-Wooden Ramp: 2 pieces: 4’x50′ & 4’x20′ (needs powerwashed)
-Underwater Braces
-2 1/2″ uprights
-Z purlins
-Painted steel Frame
16″ Encapsulated foam

-Boat entry steps
-Price does not include the large lift, as mentioned above, may be negotiable.

SOLD!- Double Well Dock with Swim Platform and PWC Slip (6.5 MM)-SOLD

Double Well dock with Swim platform:
Overall dock measures: 47′ wide x 34 & 38′ long
14×18 Swim on Right hand side and 12×12 waverunner slip.
-Two Single Econo Waverunner lifts pictured-for sale, not included in price $1500
-10×30 Slip on right side-LIFT NOT INCLUDED-Not for sale-
-11×34 Slip on left side-Lift is for sale, but not included in list price
-Left Lift is an older 12K Galva Lift with new poly tanks and Firstmate Remote, $6500 firm, owner paid more than that to have new tanks installed.
-40′ Ramp and 40′ Stiffarm included
-4’x4′ Storage Shed
-Swim Ladder
-Roof entry on right slip: ,On left slip:
-Concrete decking 1’x4′ Blocks
-Painted Steel Frame
-Updated Wiring

-Boat lifts, but are for sale, as listed above.
-Diving Board

SOLD! -Two Well Dock w/ Double PWC Slip and Swim platform (45 MM) -SOLD!

  • Poured concrete, Rush dock
  • Two wells plus double PWC slip
  • 10 x 32 slip- filled in to 24′
  • 12 x 32 slip
  • Double PWC slip: 10 x 10
  • 10 x 22 swim platform in front of PWC slip
  • Dock Locker and Water Pump NOT included


Call: 573-374-0470



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