New Residential Construction

New Residential Construction by Crabco LLC, dba Rough Water Dock

Each new residential dock here at Rough Water Dock is carefully designed to the owner’s specifications. We can customize any ideas or plans you may have to fit your needs. From docks, to lifts and dock accessories, Rough Water Dock can cover all of your dock and lift needs.
New Residential dock construction processes begin with an idea of slip sizes desired or what boats will be housed in the new dock; PWC slips and swim platforms are also considered at this time. Rough Water Dock will evaluate the area the dock will be placed in to determine what size dock can be placed, and if any extra structural features should be added. From there, we create a residential dock ‘design’ to give you a feel for the layout and put the words into a visual. Once the customer approves the design, Next, we decide on the layout and begin the customization. This includes: roof color and style, trim color, roof over swim platform, hand rails,  WetSteps, lifts, electricity and more.

Enjoy these pictures of some recent new residential dock construction!



Sample Dock Layouts

Here are a few recent builds that are great examples to get ideas flowing!

Job Name: Show Dock

This dock has the availability to have an upper deck, which hasn’t been completed yet. But we are digging that burnished slate with copper trim roof! This dock is available for sale!

Job Name: Ross

Job Name: Murray

We went to Kansas to install this dock for the customer. He hauled it himself and we came up to finish the install. Quite a neat deal! But that white with the red trim is eye-catching!!


Job Name: Murphy

Check out that BLUE roof! It’s my favorite!

Job Name: Manne

Job Name: Faulstich


Job Name: Flick

Job Name: Leverich

This dock was completed and then the customer finished added some awesome touches. This is a two well dock- with a covered PWC standard entry, and one well filled in to create a covered area which they turned into a cool lounge/bar!



Job Name: Elliott

This dock features a Copper roof with eve trim, a large shed and a filled in slip to accommodate added covered patio area as well as a double PWC slip.

 Job Name: Gold

This dock was built extra heavy for the rough main channel.

Job Name: Robuck

This dock is made for fun with the High Dive and swim ladder from WetSteps!


Job Name: Ross

Copper roof and some amazing add ons!

Job Name: Myer

Job Name: D’amato

Great single well dock with the coziest feel! Love this!

Job Name: Rulo

Copper Roof with a Candy Teal Wet step and a tan shed with Copper trim. Love the colors here!



Job Name: Dunahee

Check out that RED roof! We love it!


Job Name: Reasbeck

This is also a copper roof, stone shed w/ copper trim. Early morning sun casts shadows on the copper to give a unique color every hour of the day!

Job Name: Nelson

This one was a little different layout, set the PWC behind a smaller slip next to the cruiser slip! Great use of space! Charcoal roof

Job Name: King

Two Well dock with covered PWC slip on left, and covered swim platform with handrails on right. Conventional style Copper roof.



Job Name: Kulp

Single Well dock with large swim platform, partially covered and handrails. Grey conventional roof with white trim.

Job Name: Messenger

Unique double ramp and Shed with lots of covered area and handrails.

Job Name: Romano

This was a previously installed dock, we visited their neighbor to install a new dock there as well. We love the customization they have on this dock! Check out that tiki bar!



Job Name: Mitchell -Photos courtesy of customer

These are some really neat shots of this upper deck and slide dock combo! Thank you for sharing these with us!


Job Name: Garth

This was also a previous install, which we came back to install a new dock for their neighbor. This is a neat view of a hip roof!


Job Name: Helmholt

Single well dock with partially covered swim platform. Copper roof.

Job Name: Stanzyc

Description: Custom built two well dock, swim platform, 2 PWC slips, covered stoned bar and shed. 3 peak hip roof.

Example Dock

Dock has two wells, a double PWC slip, and A swim platform with a tiki bar and high dive. We love that kickback on the shore side of the swim to give you some more room!


Hip Roof

Most of these happen to be copper roofs. This is a great example of the way the color looks different as the light hits it. Such a neat roof color!

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