Winter Drawdown

Great link for more information on the Annual Winter drawdown of the Lake of the Ozarks. Remember, this happens every year. Rough Water Dock is here to help with your cable adjustments, installing dock de-icers and snow removal if necessary.

Lake Expo Article on Winter Draw down

Adjusting cables may be necessary to allow some slack for the dock to move down with the water, depending on  your shoreline situation. Some docks may not need this maintenance.

A De-icer should be installed to keep the dock from freezing as the lake levels drop, the water will freeze a little quicker. De-icers can be equipped with a thermostat to sense when to turn on to protect your dock if the lake should freeze. A frozen dock could mean a broken dock.

Rough Water Dock has a Winter Watch program to check cables, install de-icers (purchase of the equipment is separate) and remove snow loads from the dock. Give us a call today!

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